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TV Installation and Maintenance

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photo of a tv mounted and installed in an industrial work site in Alberta

Cellular and Internet Signal Enhancement

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photo of a cellular tower used for wifi enhancement on industrial work sites


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photo of a video surveillance camera installed at an industrial work site with a rugged cover for ultimate protection and performance

Low Voltage Wiring Solutions

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photo of a clean wiring installation of low voltage cabling at an industrial work site in Alberta

Satellite Installation and Maintenance

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photo of a satellite installation at a remote work site in Alberta

Temporary and Seasonal Installations

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photo of a racking system of receivers at an industrial work site in Alberta

Service You Can Trust

At Innovative Communication Integration, we ensure our technicians are qualified to work in any industrial environment, including oil and gas. We prioritize obtaining and maintaining certifications that meet all necessary industrial safety standards and expectations.

Solutions Suited to Your Site

We abide by the rules, both on paper and in the field. There is no room for mistakes, especially in an oil and gas installation. Many of our industrial customers are in remote locations, where it is not practical to send a technician to the site. However, support is still possible because we have knowledge about the site and the equipment installed to provide support by phone and email. By talking to someone who is at the site, we can interpret what the issue is, troubleshoot the situation and offer a solution. Saving you time, and money.

Every effort is made to respond to service requests promptly. We understand the implications of even a minor delay. Response time matters, we understand that.


When you choose to have our expert technicians come out to site you can expect an industry trained, background-checked professional with the drive to get your project done to the highest standards. We worry about the heavy lifting, so you can worry about keeping everything else at your site running smoothly.

All team members at Innovative Communication Integration are:

Committed to You

We’re committed to giving you accurate quotes for your job. The expectation is that we give you a specific quote with a detailed list of required parts. Some of the services we provide include camp installations, new installations of TV service including head end or L-band distribution, retrofit solutions, over wiring, pre-wiring, and all your other audio and video needs.

One thing we’ll never change is our commitment to our clients that by trusting the experts at Innovative, you can expect exactly what you want, every time.

Why wait? Contact us online or call 1-877-450-2790 and speak to one of our experts for more information.

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